I am a restless traveller enjoying the journey. Over the last 12 years, I have lived in 4 different countries, often spending 3 to 4 years in a place, before work and life circumstances change, only to find myself in a new and even more exciting place.

Throughout my travels, I have learnt that my internal state of mind accompanies me wherever I go, and that travel is not an escape pill which I can take to change the things which really matter. However, places have shaped me, and the set of experiences I have encountered in far-flung places and others closer to home have moulded me into who I am today. In fact, I try to visit as many new places as possible, knowing all too well that the sensory & emotive experiences acquired when I am on the move are vital to my existence.

I now live across three different spheres – the place where I live & work, a semi-permanent space which never quite becomes home to me, but which I thoroughly enjoy – it is almost always an urban metropolis with excellent connections to anywhere around the world.  Then there are the places I visit out of the normal routine, be it for work or pleasure. Finally, there is the place I still call home, even though I hardly spend more than 10 days in a year physically there these days. This is Malta, an arid wind-swept island in the centre of the Mediterranean with a very special sense of place, a melting pot and a cradle of culture, commerce and all forms of human expression and life.

In this blog, I will share some of my experiences across these three planes which make up my life. All those meaningful moments which drove me to write and register a note somewhere. A blog is wonderful because it allows us to share and connect almost instantly.

However, the good old fashioned Moleskin travel note-book still holds its place in my travel bag. There is a beauty about doing things the old way, as we have always done them. You may argue that the practice of sending a postcard through the post office to a friend is long passé. I beg to differ.

There are many products and brands which have been used in the past and which are today completely forgotten and have fallen into oblivion. There are others which have been elevated to a ‘vintage status’, often because of their clever design and functionality. These products are symbols and representations of by-gone era. The best of vintage are those items which can still be used today, timeless in their design, form and function. They may not be the most efficient (like sending a postcard or using a Moleskin diary) but they are far more amusing, fun and special when used, simply because they break today’s norm and take us back to another era.

Perhaps, vintage objects are vehicles which allow me to venture into a fourth sphere or dimension I live in, a non-physical one made up of imagination and dreams of a world I never lived in, well before my days and my generation. Travelling back in time trough the things of the past, the best objects which have made it though the hardest test of all, the test of time, and which I treasure and cherish.