Lazing in London : the King’s Road on a Sunday afternoon

I have been browsing some shops on the fashionable King’s road, and have come across a clothes shop which sells nice quality street wear which they claim is ‘Fabulously British’. I am toying… Continue reading

The ViVa! Blog : how it all began

The best ideas always come to me either when I’m on holiday, or when I am in the shower. In this particular case, I was showering whilst on holiday! Years ago, an idea… Continue reading

Affordable Classics: Race Cars you can afford

  I have always been interested in cars. One of my earliest memories I have as a child was the day my uncle Tony gave me a race toy car for Christmas. It… Continue reading

The Watch Inspired by Race Cars

I stumbled across a website the other day of a newly set up American watch maker, and I suddenly found myself wanting one of these watches. This is Autodromo, the watches inspired by… Continue reading

My Little Malta

I came across a website called recently. It is run by a group of enthusiastic Parisians who employ journalists to explore Paris and the whereabouts of this thriving city. They come up… Continue reading

Caravaggio’s Malta

The Maltese Islands may be known for their fair climate, crystal clear waters and blue skies, but these Mediterranean island gems are also home to one of the most enduring masterpieces in the… Continue reading

The Ipad Christmas Menu of Bangkok

Who said Thai food is run of the mill and unsophisticated and cheap? Try the Celdaon restaurant in downtown Bangkok and you will be very pleasantly surprised! Well, I was! It was certainly… Continue reading

From Spain to Malta on a beat

The boat is ready. We all meet and greet at the pontoon at Almerimar marina, where Peter and Hilary are making the final preparations before we set sail. After a quick tour of… Continue reading

Todo es possible con Enrique!

An early start for me this morning as a lady taxi driver called at my hotel at 8am sharp to drive me to the Sayta Ranch – just an hour’s drive away from… Continue reading

…and more vintage cars in Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento